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    (only a few are my own. honest)
    "My job was interfering with my climbing.
    You see, I got invited on this trip to Alaska
    to climb the Moose's Tooth,
    but my boss said he couldn't afford
    to give me six weeks off. So I quit..."

    Desert Rat
    "You have an artistic flair that I admire."
    "And I looked at my oxygen indicator and I saw there was no flow. I noticed I had no oxygen. And then I noticed I was taking too long. It was at about the Balcony. It was maybe four, four-thirty in the afternoon already."
    Work like you don't need the money.
    Love like you've never been hurt.
    Dance like nobody's watching.
    Sing like nobody's listening.
    Live like it's Heaven on Earth.
    Drive it like you stole it.
    "I will be in Himalaya from August 16th to October 15th without internet access or telephone"
    It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand.
    "We are one."
    "Adventure is not outside a man, it is within."
    Your choices are half chance,
    and so are everybody else's

    oooooo"Come with me in my little canoe,
    oooooowhere the sea is calm, and the sky is blue"

    Beaten by brutal winds all day
    and you're still smiling? Freak!
    Never love anything kiddo, because you'll only end up losing it.
    Forever Young

    don't you'll find yourself,
    follow your heart......and nothing else

    Because it's there
    . it's very beautiful. if you know how to look
    listen what i say,
    troubles will come............they will pass

    . Sweet Home Arizona
    She needs wide open spaces.
    Jah Love Us
    Be excellent to each other Mayo (pronounced Muoa, which means my heart in Swahili)
    a weekend spent indoors is a weekend wasted

    she possesses that typical Husky trait of "independence"

      > happy shooting....
      > AP

    goodbye love, let me go
    let me go, there will be peace,
    tears will not wash away,
    what my heart wants to say,

    i loved you, i still do,
    but you found a different boy,
    i hope he will treat you well,
    just like i wanted to,

    love is grand, what a joy,
    when your heart beats so strong,
    and you smile all the time,
    hug and kiss and hug and smile,

    i must go, say goodbye,
    you were cool, but can't be mine,
    i will search everywhere,
    to meet a girl, just like y o u.

    i never thought it could happen,
    but maybe it is destiny.
    lose it all,
    and then lose some more..........

    "i don't know where inside a man it comes from,
    the restlessness which is pulling him from place to place,
    which doesn't let him to be happy with himself,
    like most of the others,
    to settle down,
    to do what he is supposed to do,
    and say what is expected of him,
    i just cannot stay in a single place,
    i cannot, really,
    - W. Matuska
    ruthe1ilove > when is your birthday?
    christmas day
    you can take it,
    but don't brake it,
    we can make it,
    if we try.

    pay it forward

    As I lay my head to sleep,
    thoughts of you are there to keep,
    brain still in a state of shock,
    was it real? will i wake up?

    So much heartbreak, no-one real,
    i thought i could never feel,
    so breathless, happy, holy-cow,
    i smiled in Jeep the whole way home.

    We all fall flat on our asses
    when that miniskirt goes up
    First we try, then we trust
    I was prepared for everything but you Before you knew me I'd traveled 'round the world And I slept in castles and fell in love because I was taught to dream

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